A Storytelling Platform in Development

The HomeGround project will be showcasing stories and innovative experiences that demonstrate pioneering aproaches to growing food locally and sharing a common food culture.

We are developing a creative storytelling platform in Association with the Agora Social Enterprise Programme, bringing together small to medium scale growers to demonstrate new ideas and offer shared communication resources.

A Grass Roots Network For Local Growers

The platform will showcase innovative ways of fostering sustainable food production whilst celebrating our love of food and the natural environment. We aim to bring communities of growers together and offer a voice to practitioners who are challenging our thinking around conventional food production. This is an opportunity to create a grass roots network of local growers by connecting with the wider community and to promote and share their experiences and inspiration through storytelling.


We are a recently formed collaboration of social and media entrepreneurs and supporters:

Richard Urbanski in association with: Agora Social Enterprise Programme, Herefordshire Green Network, New Leaf and the support of local growers, IT consultants, permaculture designers and storytellers. We have come together to design the development platform and take it into production.

Food Poverty Alliance Gathering


Sharing inspiration and enabling regeneration through a storytelling platform





Making a universal network of local connections by bringing together small to medium scale growers through a community of storytellers and listeners.


Supporting organisations and individuals develop media strategies for promoting sustainable food production and food culture.

Building a peer-led open source communication network that connects and supports communities developing local food culture through innovation.


Providing a facilitation platform for creating and sharing educational resources, developing voices and showcasing pioneering work.


Offering an opportunity for expression through creative, imaginative and inspiring storytelling.

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